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Four-Season Sunrooms:
Experience true year-round comfort

Our 4-season sunroom additions are constructed to be heated and/or cooled by your existing systems and rated to be open to your home. We’ve been manufacturing quality true all-season sunrooms additions for over 45 years. Brady-Built is the only manufacturer that delivers a custom-made product that is ready to install.

Each sunroom is built to order in our factory using only the finest materials.  Thanks to our great craftsmanship and expertise, you can enjoy the luxury of a sunroom in any season. From spring splendor to wonderful winter scenes, the view is always better inside a Brady-Built sunroom!

Below are a few of the many benefits that owners of Brady-Built Sunrooms have shared with us.

  • Adding a true, wooden, year-round sunroom to your home increases the value of your home and protects your substantial investment in your home
  • Year-round sunrooms increase the square footage of your home. Three-season rooms add minimal value to the home and typically don’t count as sq ft.
  • Year-round sunrooms are valued at a higher price per square foot than other living spaces in the home, which means that a sunroom increases the value of the rest of the home!
  • The abundance of natural sunlight from a Brady Sunroom can lower electric and heating bills throughout the year

Browse a just a few of our beautiful all-season sunroom additions below or View Our Gallery by Clicking Here.

An All-Season Sunroom with White Beams Creates an Elegant Style

The white beams bring an elegant and modern touch to this gable-style sunroom. Ample window openings and a ceiling fan allow fresh summer breezes to flow through. In the colder winter months, sunshine keeps the room warm and comfortable for you and your furry friends.

Enjoy Your Conservatory Sunroom Addition All-Year Around!

Combining a traditional bump out with an elegant conservatory-style sunroom gave this homeowner space and style. With a brick wood-burning fireplace, hardwood flooring, ceiling fan and a mixture of solid and glass ceilings, the room fulfills the homeowner’s dream of a the perfect four-season sunroom addition.

Swim-In-Place Endless Pool Enclosure

Enclose your pool in all-season sunroom addition and reap the health and exercise benefits of swimming year around. Additionally, an indoor pool enclosure can offer increased privacy. An automated retractable cover and a ventilation fan keep humidity to a minimum.

Four-Season Sunroom Addition With Space for Living and Dining Rooms

The homeowner brought their lifestyle outdoors by adding a Victorian-eave sunroom to increase living and dining space. Their backyard playscape is now incorporated in their indoor living adding usability to both indoors and outdoors. Tongue-and-groove paneling complements the curve beams providing warmth to the four-season sunroom addition.

Brady-Built Custom Designs Every 4-Season Sunroom to Fit Your Vision and Your Home

Do you imagine your sunroom with an all-glass or all wood-ceiling? Brady-Built can design your dream sunroom! We can built your room with any amount of glass that you want! For this garden-style sunroom, our design team made a portion of the roof solid to achieve a perfect balance of glass and wood features. Our experienced design team is ready to work with you to tailor the huge variety of features and options available on a Brady-Built room to create your perfect sunroom.

All-Season Sunroom Addition With Beautiful Water Views

Specular views and extra living space was gained when a garden-style sunroom was added to this home. This all-season sunroom addition became the showpiece room in the house. Large formate windows provide fresh breezes and natural light in an airy, elegant atmosphere.

Two-Story Sunroom Addition – Enclose Your Deck to Create Year-Round Usable Living Space

This two-story sunroom addition expanded living space in the finished basement and provided a cozy sitting area opening onto a traditional back deck. This four-season sunroom addition increases living space and add value to the home. The all-natural wood beams and tongue-and-groove paneling provides a relaxed, warm environment for friendly conversation and quiet relaxation.

Four-Season Solarium with an Enclosed Spa / Hot Tub and Bar Area

This beautiful gable-style solarium is a wonderful place to relax in every season. The floor to ceiling glass walls provide unobstructed views of the backyard. The ceiling fans keep the all-season solarium cool in the summer, and enclosing the space around the hot tub prevents the floor from becoming icy in the winter. What a great space to entertain in any season!

Enclose a Patio with a Four-Season Conservatory-Style Sunroom

Our client enjoys a specular view of the mountains from his home. What better way to capture it than a beautiful Brady-Built conservatory? Renowned for its strength and elegance, our New England Conservatory was chosen as the centerpiece of our client’s patio enclosure. It features Pella doors and windows, and a knee wall faced in a complementary natural stone. All structural and interior woodwork was hand-crafted in our Auburn, MA factory and painted to match the existing décor. Stunning!

A Modern Four-Season Sunroom Dramaticly Increasing Living Space

garden-style sunroom was installed to replace a traditional wooden deck and dramatically expand living space. This all-season sunroom features contemporary white beams, a modern kitchenette, and a beautiful duel indoor/outdoor fireplace. The room offers views of the pool and patio from the comfort of a climate controlled sunroom! What an amazing place to spend time and relax all year-round!

Enclose Your Second-Story Deck with an All-Season Sunroom

curved-eave sunroom provides enjoyment all year round. The curved glass windows offer spectacular views. The dining area offers a beautiful place to host a dinner party at any time of year. The living room area is a great place to read, cat nap, or bird watch. In the winter, observe the full moon reflecting on the snow while enjoying the warmth from the gas stove. Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors in any season!

Four-Season Indoor Pool Enclosure

Two sets of French doors integrate outdoor patio life with with an indoor pool. With multiple glass options, your pool enclosure can be designed to minimize UV exposure or to allow full natural light to shine through.

Four-Season Gable-Style Sunroom with Dining & Living Areas

Our 4-season sunrooms can be enjoyed in all year around! This beautiful gable style sunroom incorporate both a living and dining area. The increased amount of sunlight certainly will help you obtained that much needed vitamin D in throughout the winter months. Furthermore, the increased space and beauty will adds value and enjoyment. Our many happy clients often enjoy dining inside while watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset!

Enclose A Patio with a Year-Round Sunroom Addition

Part of a traditional patio was enclosed to add a 4-season addition. The light wood used in this garden-style sunroom matches the beautiful light wood floor. Enclosing the patio allows the homeowner to enjoy the outdoor beauty while comfortably lounging and dining in any weather.