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Indoor Pool Enclosures:
Enclose Your Pool or Hot Tub

Enjoy your pool, hot tub, or spa in all seasons with a four-season pool enclosure! No more closing your pool for half the year. Imagine never having to remove leaves or other outdoor debris from your pool. Swimming is a great way to stay active. By enclosing an existing or new endless, swim-in-place pool, you can stay at home to exercise in your own private space.

Our Brady-Built pool enclosures offer:

  • Superior insulation to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.
  • High-quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Advanced ventilation systems to reduce humidity and prevent condensation.
  • Customizable designs to seamlessly integrate with your home’s aesthetic.

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Enjoy Your Pool in Any Weather

Four-Season Indoor Pool Enclosure

Two sets of French doors integrate outdoor patio life with with an indoor pool. With multiple glass options, your pool enclosure can be designed to minimize UV exposure or to allow full natural light to shine through.

Enclosing Your Pool and Hot Tub Creates an All-Season Water Wonderland

Ample window openings allow fresh summer breezes throughout your pool area. Even on the coldest New England winter days, you can enjoy swimming in your enclosed pool. An indoor-pool enclosure can easily be designed to be locked and protected, not allowing entrance without proper supervision.

Swim-In-Place Endless Pool Enclosure

Enclose your pool in an all-season sunroom addition and reap the health and exercise benefits of swimming year around. Additionally, an indoor pool enclosure can offer increased privacy. An automated retractable cover and a ventilation fan keep humidity to a minimum.

Four-Season Solarium with an Enclosed Spa / Hot Tub and Bar Area

This beautiful gable-style solarium is a wonderful place to relax in every season. The floor to ceiling glass walls provide unobstructed views of the backyard. The ceiling fans keep the all-season solarium cool in the summer, and enclosing the space around the hot tub prevents the floor from becoming icy in the winter. What a great space to entertain in any season!

Enclosing Your Pool in a Four-Season Sunroom

four-season sunroom is the perfect way to enclose your new or existing pool. Glass ceilings make for beautiful natural lighting! Integrated humidity-controlled exhaust fans ensure the beautiful wood interiors are well maintained. Ceiling fans are easily incorporated into the pool enclosure design to afford you greater climate control.

Add a Sunroom to Enclose Your Spa and Indoor Pool

An indoor swim-in-place pool and hot tub / spa are housed in a light and airy gable-style sunroom addition. Relax in the hot tub while watching the snow-fall outside or continue your low-impact exercise regimens in an endless indoor pool enclosure throughout the winter in the privacy of your home.

Swim-In-Place Indoor Pool Enclosure

Swimming is the one of the best workouts for your entire body. The increased buoyancy will minimize injury, and water resistance will build muscle strength. Enclose your pool in an all-season sunroom and begin enjoying the benefits of an indoor pool: year-round use along with lower maintenance and lower chemical usage.