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Curved Eave Sunroom & Solarium

The curved glass and beams of this clean and contemporary sunroom design makes this one of our most popular and affordable styles. Just changing the pitch and angle of the roof can dramatically change the look of these beautiful sunrooms. The curved glass provides an open, unobstructed view of the outdoors while the weather-tight construction and insulating qualities make it comfortable year round.

A Brady-Built 4-Season Sunroom Can Open Directly into your Home

Our 4-season sunrooms can be enjoyed in all year around! Our sunrooms are made to open into your house and often quickly become a focal point! The increased space, beauty and natural light from this curved-eave sunroom will surely add value and enjoyment to this home. Our many happy clients enjoy dining inside with a beautiful views of the nature but without all the pesky insects and pollen.

Enclose Your Second-Story Deck with an All-Season Sunroom

An all-season sunroom provides enjoyment all year round. The curved glass windows offer spectacular views. The dining area offers a beautiful place to host a dinner party at any time of year. The living room area is a great place to read, cat nap, or bird watch. In the winter, observe the full moon reflecting on the snow while enjoying the warmth from the gas stove. Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors in any season!

Enclosing a Patio with 4-Season Sunroom

Sunrooms are a wonderful addition to a beach home because they bring the outdoors into a comfortable indoor environment. The windows offer unobstructed views and provide substantial passive solar heat. The ample sunlight allows the sunroom to be used in the early spring and last fall without heating; often only modest heating is required in the winter. Enclose your patio with a four-season sunroom and enjoy stunning views in all seasons.

Create Space and Value by Adding a All-Season Sunroom Addition

This four-season sunroom allowed the homeowner to bring their lifestyle outdoors. By adding a curved-eave sunroom addition, living space and a dining area was added to increase the size and valuebof their home. The large curved-glass windows incorporates the backyard in their indoor living space adding usability to both indoors and outdoors. The natural look of the curved-wood beams add an elegance to the sunroom’s design and feel.

Enjoy Winter’s Beauty Comfortably in 4-Season Deck Enclosure

Watching a the snow fall during a New England winter storm can be enjoyed from the comfort of this cozy 4-season deck enclosure. Enjoy the full moon reflecting on the snow from the unobstructed views provided by a curved-eave sunroom addition. The plants get ample light even in the winter months. The tongue-and-groove paneling complements the curve beams providing warmth to the room.

Enclose Your Deck with an All-Season Curved-Eave Sunroom Addition

A traditional second-story deck was enclosed with a curved-eave sunroom. The all-season sunroom expands living space and provides a beautiful place to relax year round. In the winter, get a dose of sunshine from the comfort of your warm and cozy living room. In the summer, enjoy the beautiful backyard summer views!