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Conservatories & Orangeries

Our conservatory-style all-season sunroom features a stunning, semi-circular design, finished in either period Victorian or traditional New England style. Each one is a custom, hand-crafted work of art, unique to the home for which it is designed, making it a true show piece.

In addition to their striking design, our conservatories and orangeries are built to withstand the test of time. Meticulous attention to detail is given during the construction process to ensure that every element is of the highest quality.

Enclose a Patio with a Four-Season Conservatory-Style Sunroom

Our client enjoys a specular view of the mountains from his home. What better way to capture it than a beautiful all-season conservatory-style sunroom?

Renowned for its strength and elegance, our New England Conservatory was chosen as the centerpiece of our client’s patio enclosure. It features expansive doors and windows, and an exterior kneewall faced in a complementary natural stone. All structural and interior woodwork was hand-crafted in our Auburn, MA factory and painted to match the existing decor. Stunning!

Expand your Living Area by Enclosing your Deck and Creating a Cozy Conservatory Sunroom Addition with a Fireplace

Relax or entertain in your elegant conservatory sunroom addition. Adding a pellet or gas stove for winter warmth and comfort enhances the old-world appeal of your formal space. Hardwood flooring and handcrafted curved wood beams provide the stylistic touches that will impress. Brady-Built only constructs true year-round sunrooms, therefore our additions can open directly into your home.

Enclosing a Patio with a Beautiful All-Season Conservatory-Style Solarium

Enclose your patio with an all-season conservatory to add living space and increase value. A conservatory with floor to the ceiling glass is a beautiful place to sit watch the birds in the backyard. This conservatory-style solarium has amble space for a comfortable living room and small dining area. The large windows overlook the backyard landscaping and stone patio.

Enjoy Your Conservatory Sunroom Addition All-Year Around!

Combining a traditional bump out with an elegant conservatory-style sunroom gave this homeowner space and style. With a brick wood-burning fireplace, hardwood flooring, ceiling fan and a mixture of solid and glass ceilings, the room fulfills the homeowner’s dream of a the perfect four-season sunroom addition.

Create Space and Value by Adding an All-Season Conservatory Sunroom

This conservatory-style 4-season sunroom adds living space and and dining area with specular views of the wooded back yard. The windows provide substantial passive solar heat allowing the sunroom to be used in the early spring and late fall without heating; often only modest heating is required in the winter. For those extra cold New England winter days, a gas stove was added for extra warmth and coziness.