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Garden Style Sunroom & Solarium

The Garden-Style Sunroom features a thinner beam for homeowners who want to minimize the structure and maximize sunlight, making it popular for year round plant lovers. Less wood and larger windows gives this room a classic, elegant look. The Garden Sunroom can be designed and built in any size, shape, pitch, or angle enabling a perfect match to any existing roof pitch.

A Modern Four-Season Sunroom Dramaticly Increasing Living Space

A garden-style sunroom was installed to replace a traditional wooden deck and dramatically expand living space. This all-season sunroom features contemporary white beams, a modern kitchenette, and a beautiful duel indoor/outdoor fireplace. The room offers views of the pool and patio from the comfort of a climate controlled sunroom! What an amazing place to spend time and relax all year-round!

Brady-Built Custom Designs Every 4-Season Sunroom to Fit Your Vision and Your Home

Do you imagine your sunroom with an all-glass or all wood-ceiling? Brady-Built can design your dream sunroom! We can built your room with any amount of glass that you want! For this garden-style sunroom, our design team made a portion of the roof solid to achieve a perfect balance of glass and wood features. Our experienced design team is ready to work with you to tailor the huge variety of features and options available on a Brady-Built room to create your perfect sunroom.

All-Season Sunroom Addition With Beautiful Water Views

Specular views and extra living space was gained when a garden-style sunroom was added to this home. This all-season sunroom addition became the showpiece room in the house. Large formate windows provide fresh breezes and natural light in an airy, elegant atmosphere.

An All-Season Sunroom Makes Staying Home a Joy!

Our happy customers share that their all-season sunroom is the perfect space: it even makes staying at home a joy! Their garden-style sunroom opens directly into the home’s kitchen and dining area. Sliding doors lead out onto the exterior deck. The window design allows for ample natural light and beautiful views of the outside from the comfort of the inside.

“We wanted to tell you that the stay-at-home order has not been as much a burden to us as it might have been, mainly because we have this wonderful new space to retreat to every day, no matter what the weather is outside. We love our sunroom so much, and appreciate everything you and your team did to accommodate all of our different wishes. All the decisions it may have seemed to you that we were agonizing over (e.g., final size of room, lighting, ceiling fan, amount of glass vs. solid ceiling, mini split, French doors, etc.) all came out just right, now that we are in the room. In particular, the color, bending, and grain of the wood continues to amaze us with its beauty. And with the room opening with the French doors into our open kitchen/dining design, it makes staying at home 24/7 so much more bearable.  Even enjoyable!  Couldn’t have been completed for a more necessary time.”

– Rick & Betsy, Rhode Island

Enclose a Second-Story Deck with a Garden-Style Sunroom Addition

Brady-Built offers custom-built sunrooms to make your dream a reality. A beautiful garden-style 4-season sunroom was built with access to a deck and exterior stairs to the backyard. The year-round sunroom opens directly into the house and has quickly become the homeowner’s favorite room! Enjoy watching the snow fall in the winter and a hosting a sunset dinner in the summer!

Increase Your Living Space and Home Value with a Four-Season Sunroom Addition

Family room space was increased by adding a garden-style sunroom addition. Because our all-season sunrooms are designed for year-round use, our sunrooms can open directly into your home. The increased windows allow more light to enter the space and provide amazing views of the backyard in any season, whether from the ground floor or the lofted area. Enjoy watching the snow fall in winter and the kids play outside in the summer!

Add a Solarium to Incorporate Both Living and Dining Room Spaces

This four-season solarium replaced an existing 3-season screened-in porch. This garden-style solarium features a gas fireplace with a beautiful stone facade, a comfortable sitting area, and dining space. The solarium addition opens onto a deck leading into the backyard. What a wonderful and serene room to sit or dine anytime of the year.

Custom-Design Your Sunroom Addition with as Much or as Little Glass As You Wish

Brady-Built can design your dream sunroom! Our client desired a garden-style sunroom that felt like a traditional addition. Our design team added a knee wall and made a portion of the roof solid to achieve a perfect balance of glass and wood features. Notice the beautiful tongue-and-groove pine paneling and large sliding windows that give the feeling of outdoors while being comfortably indoors. Our experienced design team is ready to work with you to tailor the huge variety of features and options available on a Brady-Built 4-season sunroom addition to create your perfect space.

Add an All-Season Sunroom and a Greenhouse!

This four-season sunroom replaced an existing traditional wooden deck. The garden-style sunroom was custom built in our factory. After the site was prepared by a local contractor, the sunroom was installed by crane in a single day. The space was divided into two halves: a living area to enjoy the beautiful views and a greenhouse to grow your favorite plants year-round!

Enclose A Patio with a Year-Round Sunroom Addition

Part of a traditional patio was enclosed to add a 4-season sunroom addition. The light wood used in this garden-style sunroom matches the beautiful light wood floor. Enclosing the patio allows the homeowner to enjoy the outdoor beauty while comfortably lounging and dining in any weather.

Add a Year-Round Sunroom and Create a Beautiful Backyard Sancuary

The wood beams in this garden-style sunroom was custom strained to complement the once-exterior brick wall. This beautiful backyard sanctuary can be enjoyed while eating breakfast or reading the newspaper. The year-round sunroom also serves as a great place to sit and relax while watching the birds or the kids playing in the backyard.

Enjoy the Wooded Backyard Views from an All-Season Sunroom Addition

This all-season sunroom offers views of the serene wooded backyard from either the first or second floors of this modern home. The pitch of the garden-style sunroom addition was custom-designed to match the existing roof pitch roof for an elegant and modern design.

Custom-Designed All-Season Solarium Addition

This floor to ceiling glass four-season solarium has beautifully dark stained wood beams and a tinted glass roof. The beauty of the backyard landscaping can be enjoyed from the additional living area.