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Gable Sunroom & Solarium

The Gable Sunroom slopes up from both sides to a raised center beam for a cathedral ceiling effect. The versatile style can be finished in a relaxed or elegant flare. An all solid roof or a glass roof is available, or half glass / half wood can be chosen for a unique indoor-outdoor feel.

Enjoy your 4-season sunroom in any season!

A traditional deck was enclosed by the adding a gable-style 4-season sunroom addition. This sunroom was designed to open onto a traditional deck on one side and lead out to a spa on the other. The sunroom provides a bug-free climate-controlled area in the summer. The ample sunlight in the winter provides a warm and cozy place to sit and enjoy watching the snow fall.

Brady-Built Custom Designs and Constructs Every All-Season Sunroom Addition

Brady-Built offers custom-built year-round sunrooms and solariums. The designers at Brady-Built allow you the flexibility needed to design your dream room. For example, you can have as much or as little glass as you want. We build rooms with solid walls and ceilings, partial-solid ceilings, and anything in-between. Your Brady-Built sunroom addition is custom-designed to suit your taste and custom-built to fit your home.

Four-Season Gable-Style Sunroom with Dining & Living Areas

Our 4-season sunrooms can be enjoyed in all year around! This beautiful gable style sunroom incorporate both a living and dining area. The increased amount of sunlight certainly will help you obtained that much needed vitamin D in throughout the winter months. Furthermore, the increased space and beauty will adds value and enjoyment. Our many happy clients often enjoy dining inside while watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset!

Enjoy the Winter Views from an All-Season Gable Solarium Addition

Imagine entertaining during the holidays in a beautiful Brady-Built gable-style solarium. The snowy view of the outdoors can be enjoyed by the warm fire from the comfy indoors.

Enclose Part of a Second-Story Deck into a Year-Round Sunroom

This mostly glass gable style solarium adds living space and a dining area with serene views of the wooded backyard. The windows provide substantial passive solar heat allowing the all-season sunroom to be used in the early spring and last fall without heating; often only modest heating is required in the winter. For those extra cold New England winter days, a gas stove was added for extra warmth and coziness.

Enjoy Spectular Lake Views While Relaxing in Your 4-Season Sunroom Addition

four-season sunroom is a great addition to a lake home. The windows offer 180 degree views – enjoy the views comfortably inside or dine while watching the sunset. The climate controlled interior allows everyone to enjoy watching the kids tube or water ski without getting too hot during a warm and muggy New England summer afternoon.

Enclose Your Patio with a 4-Season Solarium

Enclose your patio with an all-season solarium. This gable-style solarium provides additional living space with great views of the stone patio and outdoor fireplace. The exterior of the solarium addition was finished with a stone knee wall to match the existing home and patio.