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Sunroom & Solarium Styles

Brady-Built has manufactured and installed superior quality sunrooms and solariums since 1979. Every custom Brady-Built sunroom addition is designed and built by skilled craftsmen in our Auburn, MA factory. Our four-season sunrooms and solariums are beautifully handmade of solid wood and are optimized for year-round living, keeping you comfortable even during our cold New England winters. Our sunrooms, solariums, conservatories or orangeries often become the centerpiece of a home. Each all-season sunroom or solarium is uniquely designed to fit the current or new space, and fully customizable to achieve almost any imaginable vision. Experienced designers will work closely with you to bring your year-round sunroom or solarium from concept to reality.

The curved glass and beams of this clean and contemporary Curve Eave Sunroom design makes this one of our most popular and affordable styles. Just changing the pitch and angle of the roof can dramatically change the look of the beautiful sunroom. The curved glass provides an open, unobstructed view of the outdoors while the weather-tight construction and insulating qualities make it comfortable year round.

The Gable Sunroom slopes up from both sides to a raised center beam for a cathedral ceiling effect. The versatile style can be finished in a relaxed or elegant flare. An all solid roof or a glass roof is available, or half glass / half wood can be chosen for a unique indoor-outdoor feel.

The Garden-Style Sunroom features a thinner beam for homeowners who want to minimize the structure and maximize sunlight, making it popular for year round plant lovers. Less wood and larger windows gives this room a classic, elegant look. The Garden Style Sunroom can be designed and built in any size, shape, pitch, or angle enabling a perfect match to any existing roof pitch.

The solid interior curves on the beams of this design provide a versatile, easily adaptable look which blends well with a variety of New England homes and decor, from contemporary to traditional to Early American. A Victorian Eave Sunroom features substantial beams and the timeless look of real wood. Many owners of 18th and 19th century homes choose this style due to its classic lines which easily lends itself to a Victorian look, as it blends well architecturally with older homes.

Two-Story Sunroom is a great and affordable way to get a two-floor addition for your house. Brady-Built is one of the few companies in New England to offer this type of addition. The Two-Story Sunroom can be finished in any style we offer and is also available as a single, open room with 20 to 30 ft high ceilings for a very dramatic look.

Why close your pool half the year? With a year-round pool enclosure, you won’t need to close the pool again. Imagine never having to remove leaves or other outdoor debris from your pool again!

Brady-Built encloses existing or new swimming pools, swim-in-place pools, spas, and hot tubs!