Why Brady-Built uses Post and Beam Construction to Build our Sunrooms

Post and beam construction, also known as mortise and tenon construction, is one of the oldest and sturdiest methods of building a home. Instead of using nails to hold the posts and beams together, a sort of peg, called a tenon, is cut into the end of one beam and a corresponding hole, or mortise, is cut into another beam or post. The two are fitted precisely together to form a remarkably durable joint which we then finish securing with heavy-duty lag screws. In fact, post and beam construction significantly reduces the affect of wind on a structure, ideal for homes with greater exposure to the elements, such as here in New England. Houses built hundreds of years ago using this method of construction are still standing today.

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But strength is just one advantage of using post and beam construction. Another benefit is beauty. Post and beam construction — also called by yet a third name, timber framing — leaves the post and beam frame exposed rather than covered up with drywall or some other construction material. The result is an aesthetically-pleasing architectural feature that speaks volumes about the quality and durability of the construction work. A sunroom built using post and beam construction is one that will last a lifetime and beyond.

But we’re still not done. Post and beam construction also provides better insulation and energy efficiency because heat can’t travel as easily through the walls. Aluminum frame construction easily conducts heat in and out of your sunroom, so warmth during the winter gets sucked out of your sunroom, while outside heat gets easily transferred inside during the hot summer months


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Our sunroom factory is located in Auburn, MA just south of Worcester, MA. We are a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

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