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Health & Financial Benefits of an All Season Sunroom or Solarium

The benefits of a Brady Sunroom are not limited to the happiness and joy you will get from bringing the abundant natural light into your home and expanding your living area. There are many financial and health benefits to owning a four-season sunroom or a solarium. Read on to learn what those are and to see a few of our sunroom reviews.

Seven Alternative Sunroom Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of installing a sunroom on your home is deciding what you’d like to do with the space. Most people use their sunrooms as a living room, but the possibilities of what you can do with the space are truly endless. You have the freedom to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and desires. To help inspire you, we’ve curated a list of seven other ways that you can utilize your sunroom.

Brady-Built sunrooms boast exquisite curved wooden beams that add a touch of elegance and architectural beauty to our designs. However, the journey from raw materials to the finished product is a meticulous process that ensures exceptional quality and structural integrity. In this article, we will delve into the intricate steps involved in manufacturing the curved laminated wood beams that grace Brady-Built sunrooms. By combining the knowledge shared by Brady-Built with an in-depth understanding of the craftsmanship and techniques involved, we aim to shed light on the artistry and precision behind these remarkable structural elements.

Does a Sunroom Make Sense in the New England Climate?

Sunrooms have gained tremendous popularity in recent decades, especially in northern states like New England, where weather conditions play a significant role in everyday life. If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home, it's important to understand the unique considerations and benefits associated with the New England climate.

Sunroom Semantics

The desire to connect with nature while enjoying the comforts of indoor living has led many homeowners to explore the concept of glass-enclosed spaces, generally referred to by the blanket term, “sunroom.” When discussing glass-enclosed spaces, it's important to clarify the terminology and understand the unique characteristics of each style. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to distinct architectural designs and features. Understanding these differences can help clarify and inspire what your vision may be for adding one to your home.



Should I Worry About Snow Build-Up on the Roof of My Sunroom?

Since there are many more windows in a sunroom than in most normal rooms, it’s pretty reasonable to be concerned that it might not be able to support the heavy snow that accumulates all winter long here in New England. The good news is that when it comes to Brady-Built Sunrooms, there’s nothing to worry about.

Best Design Awarded to Brady-Built Additions and Sunrooms at the Worcester Home Show

Brady-Built, Inc. is grateful to have been awarded Best Design in Show at the spring Worcester Home Show. Our display featured a hand-crafted, curved eave sunroom built with natural southern yellow pine beams and Split-Silver Titanium™ glass. The insulated floor and low-E glass provides optimal energy efficiency for the harsh New England climate.

Why Southern Yellow Pine?

Strong, beautiful, renewable – Southern Yellow Pine is the environmentally friendly choice!

The wood product used in Brady-Built’s hand crafted laminated beams and structural components is 100% American made from sustainably managed US Forests. In fact, Southern Yellow Pine is our nation’s most abundant and sustainably harvested wood resource and has been an integral part of American history, from ship building to flooring, since revolutionary times. Quite simply there is no other wood product that offers such “sustainable” value. Southern Yellow Pine is a clean, renewable, nontoxic, recyclable, bio-degradable & energy efficient building material. It grows fast and is literally farmed like any other food supply – 199 million acres of forest get replanted in southeastern USA every year!

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Hidden Health Benefits to Owning a Sunroom

We all know that spending time in the sun can be beneficial to your health, but most people aren’t too sure of the specifics. One thing is for sure – having your very own sunroom makes it easy for you to get more sun all year round. Here are a few of our favorite advantages of being a sunroom owner and enthusiast.

Why is Argon used between the sheets of glass on most of the better grade insulating glass?

Insulating glass is made with a space separating panes of glass for the same reason people used to install “storm windows” on their houses. Air that does not move is a good insulator. Most insulating materials are designed in a way that traps air to create small pockets of “dead air”.

Contact us to schedule a tour of our showroom and factory, located in Auburn, MA, just south of Worcester, MA. We are just a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

How To Finally Afford The Sunroom You Are Aching For!

If you are a homeowner considering investing in a sunroom addition or any other home improvement project and you have not saved up enough cash to pay outright, this message is for YOU.

Three Easy Plants to Grow In Your Sunroom

One of the biggest advantages to owning a sunroom is the natural light that comes in through all those windows. Sunrooms make perfect environments year-round for growing flowers, herbs, and even some vegetables.

Why we use post & beam construction

Post and beam construction, also known as mortise and tenon construction, is one of the oldest and sturdiest methods of building a home.

Three Reasons Why You Should Add a Sunroom This Year

More Americans are choosing to stay in their existing homes right now (rather than buying a new house) than they have in decades. The poor economy is largely to blame, of course. Instead of getting a bigger house, homeowners are choosing instead to remodel their existing space to accommodate their needs. One of the most beautiful ways to add living space is through building a sunroom. Here are three reasons why you should add a sunroom to your home this year.

Brady-Built Sunrooms Receives Highest Rating from Better Business Bureau

Brady-Built Sunrooms has been awarded an A+ BBB Rating by the Better Business Bureau. A+ is the highest business evaluation rating awarded by the national business and consumer advocacy group.

Four Seasons of Sun: Glass vs. Lexan

Below is the first article addressing the choice of Lexan and Glass in your sunroom. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, Bob breaks down why some manufacturers do not measure up to Brady-Built quality.

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Our sunroom factory is located in Auburn, MA just south of Worcester, MA. We are a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

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