Should I Worry About Snow Build-Up on the Roof of My Sunroom?

Table of Contents

Design and Engineering

Since there are many more windows in a sunroom than in most normal rooms, it’s pretty reasonable to be concerned that it might not be able to support the heavy snow that accumulates all winter long here in New England. The good news is that when it comes to Brady-Built Sunrooms, there’s nothing to worry about.
Every Brady-Built Sunroom is designed for the specific location in which it will be installed. Building codes are very strict about taking snow and wind loads into consideration when designing walls and roofs, including glass surfaces. Brady-Built always designs to exceed the code required loading. In New England, snow load requirements range from 30PSF to 120PSF. When you consider that snow weighs between 7 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) and 20 PCF, the building code assumes a tremendous amount of snow build up on a roof. Wind load requirements range from 90MPH up to 120MPH. In some locations there are special regulations for hurricane loads, and these are also part of our design considerations.

Benefits of Glass Roofs

One of the advantages of a sunroom roof is the fact that most (at least most Brady-Rooms) are glass. Glass is particularly slippery, so snow will usually slide off long before it can accumulate enough to become a concern. If you have any other questions or concerns about our sunrooms, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through a contact form!

Resilience and Durability

Our sunrooms are meticulously crafted to exceed local building codes, ensuring resilience against heavy snow loads and high winds. With requirements ranging from 30PSF to 120PSF for snow and 90MPH to 120MPH for wind, our structures are engineered to withstand nature’s toughest tests. Our glass roofs are designed to facilitate snow slide-off, mitigating accumulation concerns. For superior quality and durability tailored to your needs, Brady-Built is your trusted choice.