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All-Season Pool Enclosures: Enjoy Your Pool in Any Weather

Discover how Brady-Built all-season pool enclosures can transform your pool into a year-round retreat. Learn about the benefits, custom design options, and superior materials of our indoor pool enclosures.

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Owning a pool is a luxury, but the enjoyment can often be limited by the weather. Imagine having a beautiful, functional space that allows you to swim regardless of the elements. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or hailing outside, New England weather can be unpredictable, but with a true all-season pool enclosure, you won’t mind the weather and can continue enjoying your indoor pool.

Benefits of Enclosing Your Pool with a Sunroom

Swimming pools are an excellent way to unwind, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors, but they can be a challenge when the weather takes a turn. Enclosing your pool ensures that you can utilize this unique feature throughout the year. Sunroom enclosures offer various benefits that make them the ideal choice over traditional pool enclosures. Unlike traditional enclosures that might not offer ample light, sunroom enclosures are designed to be bright and inviting. They create an ideal space for swimming, entertaining, or relaxing, filled with natural light. These enclosures allow you to enjoy your pool in any weather, making winter swims while watching the snowfall a unique pleasure.

Benefit 1: Increased Usability

The unique design and structure of sunroom enclosures make it possible to use the pool for swimming, entertaining, or simply relaxing at any time and regardless of the weather. The benefits of a 4-season sunroom enclosure ensure that your pool can be used throughout the year, offering an exceptional experience regardless of the season. Whether it’s a chilly winter day or an afternoon in the summer, you will enjoy the comfort and beauty of your pool area throughout all seasons.

Benefit 2: Enhanced Property Aesthetic

A pool enclosure adds aesthetic appeal and value to your home. Potential buyers in the real estate market will appreciate and value the added functionality and beauty of a pool enclosure, setting your property apart in the marketplace.

Benefit 3: Protection from the Elements

Sunroom enclosures provide an extra layer of protection against the harsh outdoor elements, including sun exposure, rain, wind, and snow. They also protect against leaves, pollen, bugs, and animals, reducing the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. With a sunroom enclosure, you can enjoy swimming in any weather without the worry of weather conditions impacting your pool experience.

Benefit 4: Enhanced Security

Enclosing your pool with a sunroom adds a layer of security, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of accidents. Secure locking mechanisms ensure that only those with permission can enter the pool area, providing peace of mind, especially for households with children or pets. This added security helps protect against unwanted guests and potential liabilities.  

Brady-Built Pool Enclosures

We at Brady-Built Sunrooms offer a unique combination of superior materials and craftsmanship, making our pool enclosures an excellent choice for homeowners seeking the best in quality and functionality.

Superior Materials and Craftsmanship

  • Southern Yellow Pine: We use Southern Yellow Pine, known for its strength and durability. This wood is ideal for laminating and can withstand significant moisture, making it perfect for pool enclosures. Our wood is rigorously inspected for imperfections, ensuring only the best materials are used.
  • Custom Glue Formulation: Our eco-friendly glue contains epoxy resin, ensuring a rock-hard finish once dried. This slow-drying glue provides a stronger bond, enhancing the structural integrity of your sunroom.
  • Innovative Laminating Process: Our custom-designed presses use pneumatic pressure to maintain the wood’s strength. This process creates beams that are ten times stronger than regular wood, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Special Urethane Finish: We use a specially designed urethane formula by Benjamin Moore that features anti-yellowing and UV-resistant properties. This finish ensures a smooth, durable appearance that maintains its look over time.

Customization and Flexibility

We can create beams of any pitch and design sunrooms to fit unique spaces, offering extensive customization options to meet your specific needs. Whether you want a spacious enclosure for entertaining or a cozy space for relaxation, we can design a solution that fits your vision.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Our advanced glass technology, including split silver titanium glass with a 35% low-e coating, UV filtering, and bronze tinting, reduces glare and protects against sun damage. The Argon gas between panes enhances thermal efficiency, ensuring that your pool enclosure remains comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year.

Low Maintenance

Brady-Built enclosures require minimal maintenance, thanks to our superior materials and construction techniques. The finishes we use are designed to resist moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors, ensuring that your enclosure looks great and performs well for years to come.

Pool Enclosure for New England Winter

"We thoroughly enjoy our room, especially on cold, winter, sunny days. It's the most cheerful room, whatever the weather."
Eunice and David V.
Satisfied Sunroom Customer

Our pool enclosures are designed to withstand harsh New England winter conditions, providing a warm, protected space for you to enjoy your pool even in the coldest months. These structures ensure that your pool remains usable all year long, regardless of the weather outside. With durable materials and superior insulation, our enclosures are the perfect solution for winter swimming. Meticulously crafted to exceed local building codes, they offer resilience against heavy snow loads and high winds, with standards ranging from 30 PSF to 120 PSF for snow and 90 MPH to 120 MPH for wind. The glass roofs facilitate snow slide-off, reducing accumulation concerns. Brady-Built’s superior quality and durability make owning a pool in winter not just a possibility, but an enjoyable reality.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom pool enclosures and how they can transform your  swimming experience.